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On the occasion of the Tercentenary, the members of the Euler Commission aim at reflecting on the life and works of the great Swiss scientist within the circle of experts who build on Euler's insights in their own research; but they also hope that the general public will profit from the opportunity for all kinds of encounters with mathematics, the exact sciences, and the history of science.

In considering this eminent intellectual who put Switzerland on the intellectual map of Europe in the 18th century, some questions can be discussed which still concern the scientific community and society as a whole:

A look at Euler's achievements will contribute to a fruitful dialogue between those who today stand up for scientific education and research, and society's decision-makers.

Questions of this nature will, in particular, characterize the Congress of the Swiss Academy of Science (SCNAT), which will be held in autumn 2007 at Basel, within the framework of the Euler Tercentenary.

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