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The musical program

For the Euler Tercentenary a composition has been commissioned from the renowned Polish-Swiss composer Bettina Skrzypczak. This piece for two voices and chamber orchestra, based on texts taken from Euler's Theory of Lunar Movements (1772) and Essay on a New Theory of Music (1739), saw its debut performance during the celebration on April 20th, 2007.

During the annual Congress of the Swiss Academy in the evening of Thursday, September 13th at 8:15 pm a concert will take place in which this new composition is combined with mathematically inspired pieces from the 20th century and works by some contemporaries of Euler's. The concert will take place in St. Peter's church.


Collegium Novum Zürich
Sylvia Nopper, Sopran
Bjørn Waag, Bariton
Rüdiger Bohn, Leitung

Advance booking at:

Musik Wyler, Schneidergasse 24, 4051 Basel, Tel. 061 261 90 25


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